The title of the exhibition refers to
the surrealist technique utilized to
craft a collective collage of words
or images. This game of sorts is
played by several people, each of
whom would write/draw a
phrase/image on a sheet of paper,
fold the paper to conceal part of it,
and pass it on to the next player
for their contribution. The end
result is a sequence of loosely
connected words/images, a
surprising mishmash of individual
visions forming a composition
verging on the bizarre.
The idea was to take this technique
and employ it in the context of
contemporary illustration. The curators
invited 13 artist to make their
contributions to a project that would
be some kind of cross-fertilization in
design, a collective train of graphic
thought, one big international
illustration orgy.

It took over three months before we
got all the individual works in one
place and were able to put final
touches to the 13-meter
long, 2-meter high wall graphic.
Exquisite Coprpse is very
keen on travelling, so if
you'd like to have it in your
gallery, or want to contact
us for any other reason,
please write to
Conceived, curated, written
and designed by
Lorem Ipsum Studio

Nemanja Jehlicka,
Bratislav Milenkovic
Nikola Zmajevic

Lorem Ipsum is an independent design collective based in Belgrade, Serbia.

We specialize in graphic design, typography and illustration. Lorem Ipsum emerged out of the need to rethink design out of the lifestyle context, as far removed from the logic of market as possible.

Our projects question notions, concepts, practices and tendencies in contemporary design.


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